Bike Racks

Taking your bike on board Shoreline Metro is economical and easy and is an exciting way to incorporate multiple modes of transportation into one! Shoreline Metro buses are equipped with bike racks at the front of each bus. Up to two (2) bikes can be accommodated on each rack, and there is no additional fee or permit required for you to use the bike racks. Using the racks is simple.

Here are a few simple rules to follow when using the bike racks

  • Before you board and pay your fare, let the driver know you are going to use the bike rack. When you reach your destination, be sure to remind the driver that you’ll be unloading your bike before exiting the bus. After using the rack, be sure to fold it up if it’s empty.
  • Loading and unloading the bike racks is your responsibility. The bus driver will not provide assistance. If you are unable to properly load your bike on a rack, then you will not be permitted to use the rack. If you are under age 12, then you’ll need a responsible adult to enable you to use a bike rack.
  • Bikes are only permitted on the bike racks, never inside the bus.
  • Only single seat bikes can be loaded on the racks.  Shoreline Metro is not responsible for damage or loss of any bike or bicycle equipment. Abandoned or lost bikes will be stored at the Shoreline Metro office, 608 S. Commerce St. for up to three days, and then they will be sent to the Sheboygan Police.
  • Electronic, or E-bikes, are permitted in the bike racks as long as they fit. Power must be turned off while in the rack.

The Bikes on Buses Info Sheet will show you how to properly load your bike on a Shoreline Metro bus bike rack. If you would like a free demonstration, please call the Shoreline Metro office at (920) 459-3281.

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