Mobile Fares & Payment App

Shoreline Metro offers digital fares and mobile payments through HotSpot. All fares include fees and taxes. Purchasing and using digital fares is quick and easy!

  • Secure Payments using credit or debit cards on your smartphone.
  • Purchase Fares anytime and anywhere 24/7/365. Fares are always available.
  • Store your fare media on your smartphone. Media is always safe and secure.
  • No fees. No surcharges. Fares are the same cost to you whether you pay by cash or through the app.
  • Receive Alerts and notifications regarding service right through the app.
  • Link directly to the Shoreline Metro bus tracker.

First, get the HotSpot app on your smartphone (scan the codes below). Then follow the easy Step-by-Step diagrams to set up the app and start purchasing your fares!

Frequently Asked Questions & Additional Info:

  • Fare media does not automatically transfer from phone-to-phone. If you plan to get a new phone, activate fare media (such as a monthly pass) will not transfer to the new phone. Your account and wallet will, however, transfer to the new phone.
    • You may contact Customer Support to have pass transferred to new phone.
  • Issues and concerns must reported to HotSpot; Shoreline Metro and its staff cannot offer refunds for fares purchased through the app.
  • Screenshots of fares purchased are prohibited and are subject to denial of service.

Additional Resources:

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