Mobile Fares & Payment App

Shoreline Metro offers digital fares and mobile payments through HotSpot. All fares include fees and taxes. Purchasing and using digital fares is quick and easy!

  • Secure Payments using credit or debit cards on your smartphone.
  • Purchase Fares anytime and anywhere 24/7/365. Fares are always available.
  • Store your fare media on your smartphone. Media is always safe and secure.
  • No fees. No surcharges. Fares are the same cost to you whether you pay by cash or through the app.
  • Receive Alerts and notifications regarding service right through the app.
  • Link directly to the Shoreline Metro bus tracker.
Get the App and Get Riding

Download the HotSpot app for your Apple or Google device by scanning the codes to the left or by searching “HotSpot Parking” in the Apple or Google App Store.

Setup the App: Open the app, click “Get Started”, setup your location (USA, Wisconsin, Sheboygan). Then enter your email and setup a password. When prompted to add a credit card or debit card to your account, follow the instructions.

Purchase Fares: Click on “Transit” on bottom bar, then click on three bars in upper left, click “Purchase Tickets & Passes”, enter Wisconsin and Sheboygan again. A list of Shoreline Metro fares are listed. Click on the fares you wish to purchase. Click “yes” through the prompts.

Using your Fares: Open the app. Click on “Transit” on the bottom bar and then select “continue” on the screen. Under “My Pass”, it should list all fares you have purchased. Click on the fare you wish to use (only if you have multiple purchased). Click “Board Bus”. (The route number on the top of the screen does not matter.) Click “yes” to Confirm Boarding.

Showing Your Pass: When boarding the bus, show the driver your phone with the pass displayed on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions & Additional Info:

  • Fare media does not automatically transfer from phone-to-phone. If you plan to get a new phone, activate fare media (such as a monthly pass) will not transfer to the new phone. Your account and wallet will, however, transfer to the new phone.
    • You may contact Customer Support to have pass transferred to new phone.
  • Issues and concerns must reported to HotSpot; Shoreline Metro and its staff cannot offer refunds for fares purchased through the app.
  • Screenshots of fares purchased are prohibited and are subject to denial of service.

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