Shoreline Metro is a fully accessible, user-friendly, and safety-minded public transportation system that is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Shoreline Metro welcomes customers with disabilities and encourages them to take advantage of the many accommodations we offer.  Shoreline Metro is committed to your satisfaction and comfort as a customer.  Shoreline Metro is proud to offer the following accessibility options as part of your public transportation experience:

Accessible Vehicles

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public transportation programs to service individuals using a mobility device if the lift and vehicle can physically accommodate the customer.  All Shoreline Metro and Metro Connection vehicles are accessible and equipped with either a lift (paratransit) or a ramp (fixed route) with seating capacity for up to two (2) mobility devices.  Lifts and ramps may also be used by customers with limited mobility at their request.  Shoreline Metro buses also feature a chime and light up sign when a bus stop request has been made to accommodate visually and hearing impaired customers.  These buses also feature reserved seating near the entrance door and must be vacated at the request of a disabled customer or customer requiring the use of these seats.  Shoreline Metro buses also “kneel” making it easier for customers to board and alight the bus.

Mobility Device Securement Requirements:  Shoreline Metro and Metro Connection customers using a mobility device that is consistent with the vehicle safety requirements must allow their mobility device to be secured at designated locations within the bus.  Shoreline Metro and Metro Connection will deny service to any customer using a mobility device who declines to permit his or her mobility device to be secured to the bus with the securements provided.  This policy does not apply to situations where an attempt has been made to secure the mobility device, but the mobility device cannot be properly secured using the bus’ securement system. 

Weight Restrictions:  The combined weight of the person and the mobility device cannot exceed 600 lbs. on a fixed route bus (Shoreline Metro) or 800 lbs on a paratransit bus (Metro Connection).

Announcing Bus Stops

All Shoreline Metro bus drivers are required to announce major streets, intersections and popular destinations along the route as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Customers may request that their specific bus stop is announced as a courtesy.

Service Animals

Shoreline Metro allows service animals on board all its buses.  A service animal according to the ADA is an animal individually trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  A service animal DOES NOT:

  • Offer emotional support, comfort or well-being;
  • Offer companionship;
  • Deter crime;
  • Beg for attention (typically);
  • Want to be fed or pet (typically);

According to the Adults with Disabilities Act (49 CFR, Section 37.3), Shoreline Metro drivers are permitted to ask all customers accompanied by an animal 1) Is that a Service Animal? and 2) What tasks have the animal been trained to perform?  A driver may decline the animal’s ability to ride with Shoreline Metro if it is not a service animal.  For more information on service animals, please contact the Director of Shoreline Metro.

Maps & Route Colors

Shoreline Metro not only names its routes but also associates a color scheme with each route.  This naming and coloring scheme is used throughout the organization and in all maps and information available to our customers.  This includes:

  • All maps are color coordinated (individual and system);
  • Route designated signs at the Transfer Station;
  • Routes on Bus Tracker;
  • Route pages on website;
Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications to Service

Shoreline Metro and Metro Connection will honor and accommodate any reasonable modification to service as long as the request:

  1. Does not fundamentally alter the service;
  2. Does not create a direct threat to the health and safety of others;
  3. Is not necessary to permit the passenger to use the services for their intended purpose (nondiscriminatory).

All reasonable modifications should be made as soon as possible.  Reasonable modifications on Metro Connection should be made at the time of the trip reservation to allow for proper consideration and planning for such modification.  Requests for information in another language or another format will also be accommodated to the best of Shoreline Metro and Metro Connection’s ability.

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Half Fares for Elderly and Disabled Customers

Shoreline Metro offers a Half Fare option for customers 65 years of age and older and customers with a disability.  A valid form of identification including a Medicare card or Shoreline Metro Half Fare Identification card is required when paying the fare.  The half fare is $0.85 per trip.  A 20-ride punch card may also be purchased for $8.50.  Customers may apply at no-charge for a Shoreline Metro Half Fare Identification card by visiting the Transfer Point Customer Service Office weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

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