• Single Trip | $1.75
    • Paid on board the bus in the farebox each time boarding the bus (all customers 5 or older); exact amount (no change given).
  • Half-Fare | $0.85
    • Paid on board the bus in the farebox each time boarding the bus; exact amount (no change given).
  • Day Pass | $3.00
    • Unlimited rides for a calendar day.
  • 6-pack Day Passes | $15.00
    • Use as a weekly pass or individually whenever you ride.
  • Monthly Pass | $48.00
    • Unlimited rides for a calendar month.
Student Fares:
  • Students of SASD | FREE with Student Bus Pass (Click here.)
    • Good during all hours of service on all routes.
  • Student Punch Cards | $11.00 for 20 trips; no expiration (students ages 5 and up).
  • Children under Age 5 | FREE with proper supervision.
Half Fares:
  • Half-Fare Punch Cards | $8.50 Good for 20 trips; no expiration.
    • Veteran / Military Individuals that are serving or have served in the military. Thank you for serving our country!
    • Senior Citizen/Disabled Individuals over 65 years of age or individuals with a disability. 
Notes on Fares:
  • Transfers are no longer complimentary. Customers transferring from one bus to another bus at the Transfer Station must pay the fare each time they board a different route.  Customers staying on the bus at the Transfer Station may pay both fares at the time of board.  This only applies to cash and punch card customers.
  • Proper Identification may be required when boarding the bus. Acceptable forms of identification include:
    • A Shoreline Metro Disabled ID Card;
    • Medicare Card;
      • Proof of identity may be required.
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Purchasing Your Fares

All Shoreline Metro fare media is available for purchase at many convenient locations throughout Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls.  Please visit one of our friendly outlets for your fare media needs:

  • Digitally through HotSpot: Get the App
  • Shoreline Metro Transfer Station: 828 Pennsylvania Ave.*
  • Piggly Wiggly North: 2905 N 15th St.
  • Piggly Wiggly South:  3124 S Business Dr.
  • Pick N Save North: 1317 N 25th St.
  • Festival Foods: 595 S Taylor Dr.
  • Piggly Wiggly:  1166 Fond du Lac Ave., Sheboygan Falls.

*Shoreline Metro charges a nominal fee for purchases made with a credit/debit card at these locations.  All other outlet locations are credit/debit card friendly with no additional fees.

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