One of the principles of contracting with Federal funds received directly or indirectly from FTA is a recognition that, as a condition of receiving the funds, certain specific Federal requirements must be met not only by the City of Sheboygan and Shoreline Metro but also by sub-recipients and any third party contractors. The Federal requirements to be met by the City’s third party contractors will be defined by the clauses included in the all third party contracts. The City of Sheboygan and Shoreline Metro will be in compliance with Federal requirements as a condition of receipt of Federal funds.

Purchasing Agent

All purchases made by Shoreline Metro are made through the City’s Purchasing Department.  The City’s Purchasing Agent is the coordinator of all purchases requiring bids, Request for Proposals and Request for Quotes.  All procurements for Shoreline Metro follow any and all applicable City and Federal policies.

Federal Clauses and Certifications

All vendors doing business with Shoreline Metro must be in compliance with the Federal clauses and certifications associated with the type of procurement. Vendors must review and accept these clauses and certifications prior to a contract or purchase order issued for goods and services.

Please review and sign the appropriate Federal clauses and certifications below. The completed Federal clauses and certifications must accompany your competative quote.

Any questions on the Federal clauses and certifications, or Shoreline Metro’s procurement process, please contact the Director of Transit & Parking at (920) 459-3140.  All clauses and certifications are updated as of April 28, 2014.

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