Report a Meter Issue

Report a Meter Issue


If the meter is “faulty” and won’t accept coin payments, you must pay using the HotSpot app or HotSpot Fast Pay (QR code) OR move to a different parking space in order to avoid a parking ticket. Please report the faulty meter by filling out the form below. The Parking Utility will make the repair as soon as possible.

Reasons the meter may become “faulty”:

  • Battery is dead or almost dead
  • Coins are jammed in the slot
  • Moisture on the sensor
  • Extremely cold temperatures
This should be today’s date.
Please check all that apply.
This is the Lot Number or Block meter is located (example 900 Block of N 8th Street).
This is the black & white number/letter on the meter. NOT the zone number on the decal.

Thank you for helping us serve you better!

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