Filing a Complaint

Filing A Complaint

Shoreline Metro is dedicated to providing safe, affordable, and dependable specialized transportation to all customers including individuals with a disability.  If for any reason the service does not live up to these expectations, customers are encouraged to register a complaint with Shoreline Metro.  A thorough and prompt investigation of all complaints shall be conducted by Shoreline Metro.  Customers filing a complaint will remain anonymous. If you need assistance or accommodations with filing a complaint, please contact Shoreline Metro at (920) 459-3281.

Complaint Process:

  • All complaints will be documented at the source (driver, dispatch, customer service, supervisor, etc.)
  • The complaint will then be submitted to a Transit Operations Supervisor for review and action.
  • The Transit Operations Supervisor will investigate the nature of the complaint both with the customer and the alleged offender.
  • The Transit Operations Supervisor will contact the customer with the results of the complaint and offer (if necessary) restitution as a result of the incident no later than five (5) working days from the original date of the complaint.
  • The Transit Operations Supervisor will file the complaint. A copy may be submitted to the Director of Transit.
  • If a customer is unsatisfied by the outcome of the investigation, he/she may make an appeal to the Director of Transit no later than five (5) working days from the date of the restitution. The Director of Transit may elect to forward such complaint to the Transit Commission for a hearing and determination.

File a Complaint:

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